Online Poker Experiences

My online poker experiences in the beginning were not so good. However, this was back in 2007 when I first started getting into the whole online poker scene. Back in 07′ I didn’t have much money to start with and kept losing everything. Strategies that you use when playing with the boys in the garage are not the same online. I tried to use some of my personal strategies that I use offline and that did not get me anywhere.

So after losing lots of money over the years I rethought my strategies and started reading some articles online like this one and even this one. Those are just a few examples of a few articles I read. So after improving my knowledge I began to win a little more and more. This is when my online experience became one of my favorite hobbies.

Now, the rooms I used to play at are now shutdown for some legal reasons. So I then proceeded to look for a few new online poker rooms and I found about 3 great rooms that I play at regularly. (I play at different poker rooms to mix it up). The 3 poker rooms I play at now are Titan Poker, Party Poker and William Hill Poker. These rooms have the perfect amount of other players for constant competition and they have a great variety of games to choose from. Now, what I think the most amazing thing is about these 3 poker rooms is that they have sign up bonus codes that give you free money to start out with your new account.

Now this was amazing and blew me away. I am still using my free money they gave me. The 3 poker room bonus codes are called Titan Poker Bonus Code, Party Poker Bonus Code and William Hill Poker Promotional Code. Below are links to the sites that I got my 3 bonus codes from. Check them out for yourself.

Titan Poker Bonus Code

Party Poker Bonus code

William Hill Poker Promotional Code

Keep in mind. These 3 codes are not the same. Each site gives you different types of bonuses. Some of these bonuses require you to make deposits yourself so make sure you read up on them. I hope you the best with your online poker gaming experiences, thanks for stopping by.